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The Benefits of Having a Business Landline

December 4, 2019Small businesses

Starting and running a small business can come with a lot of different set-up processes and tasks, so it can be difficult to know where to start.

However, one of your main priorities should be having a landline number for your company that you can advertise on your website, posters or business cards. Having a business landline can provide a lot of benefits to those who are just starting out, and to businesses who have been set-up for a while.

You need it

Your employees need a way to contact potential clients and customers and to deal with any issues your clientele may be having. A landline number also allows direct communication between your customers and business too, so opens up the line both ways for more sales or leads.

Things can run more smoothly

With a business landline, you’re not only connected to your customers and clients, but you’re also connected to each other. Having a landline lets you pass phone calls from one employee to another. For example, if you have different departments and a customer wants to speak about finance issues, you can quite easily patch them through. This helps your business look far more professional, even if you have a team of five and the person is sat next to you, and also helps things run more smoothly in your office.

Landline numbers also come with a lot of different handy features that some mobile phone systems may lack, like a mobile phone app that will help you manage your calls and the ability to block and blacklist numbers easily.

Your business will look more trustworthy

A business landline number makes your company look far more legitimate and professional than a mobile number does. A landline number makes it look like you have a fixed address and an office in which customers and clients can call your business to find out more information.

A mobile number tends to make your business look small and doesn’t give a great or professional first impression. Also, if you’re wanting to attract local customers, a landline is a handy way to let them know you’re calling from close by, so they’ll be more likely to pick up the phone.

It helps you maintain a balance

Getting a healthy work to life balance can be difficult, especially if you’re just starting out as a business. As an owner and a managing director, you have to be juggling a lot of roles and wearing a lot of different hats. You may be a team of two, both working as the accountants, the sales representatives and the business developers.

However, soon, or when your company starts to develop and grow, you’re going to want to create a barrier between your home and work life. The perfect way to maintain this barrier and get the balance right is to get a business landline. It’ll allow you to differentiate between personal and work calls at weekends and evenings and allow you to leave business safely in the office when five o’clock on Friday comes.

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