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Working from Home at Christmas

December 10, 2019Small businesses

The festive season for a business is busy and hectic, especially when offices break up before Christmas begins. You need to stay on top of your work and manage the load away from the team. You also need to ensure your employees are working to their full potential too.

Here are our best tips for working from home at Christmas and how software can make the transition a lot easier:

The benefits of remote working

As Christmas can be a stressful time in and out the office, it’s a good period to give your team a week off, even if that means they’re just working from home. It allows them to get their Christmas shopping done and spend time with family during the festive period.

Remote working has also been known to reduce absence, increase productivity and improve employee trust and retention, so it’s highly recommended businesses try the practice, especially around the Christmas time. It will reduce people taking time off for out-of-work activities too.

A business landline

Having a business landline has a lot of benefits for businesses and employees when the team are in the office, but it has a lot more advantages for those who remote work. A business landline can separate corporate and personal life at home by giving employees a different phone number to deal with business calls on. This means your team won’t feel the stress or pressure of work 24/7 at home.

A business email address

Similarly, a business email address, like a business landline, can separate work and personal life. It means you won’t be bombarded day and night by business emails on your personal account. It also, like a business landline, allows you to stay professional while you’re at home. Clients may be deterred from a sudden change of work to personal email address – your emails to customers or clients may even go straight into their junk or spam if you’re sending from an unknown account.

A digital to-do list Having a team to-do list will be very useful when it comes to remote working at Christmas. Managers can set other team members tasks, then they can manage and add to their list accordingly. People can see

what others are tasked with and employees can tick off a task when they’ve completed it. Managers can also check back in and make sure an employee has completed their assigned task.


When working remotely, you’ll need software that can connect all your team members at once without meaning you’re all tied to the office. Also, all the landline numbers will look the same, so you can remote work while still looking professional. Furthermore, you can have team calls without the hassle as you can easily connect to others via the platform’s format.

As well as having telephone software that can easily patch other team members in, you’ll also need a platform where everyone can communicate instantly. This will be helpful when you need to send a quick message. You’ll then get a faster response than if you emailed or phoned.

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