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How to Empower Your Team

January 15, 2020Small businesses

Your team are everything. They should share the same goals, the same values and the same ambitions for your business, as you do.

When you’re first starting your business, you may be hesitant to lean on your employees. Your company is yours and it’s hard to let some responsibilities go. However, empowering your team can be greatly beneficial for you and your business and here is how to do it:

Ask your employees for their help

At meetings, make sure you’re asking your employees for their feedback on certain decisions and their input on how your business is run. Employees may not only have new and fresh ideas, but it shows your trust in your team and their notions.

Always give positive feedback where it’s due

If your employee has done a really good job – tell them. Embrace their great work with rewards and gifts. You could hold seminars at the end of each month congratulating those who have performed well and inspire those who haven’t, to do better next period.

Always leave your office door open

Make sure your office door is always open, but we don’t mean literally – you are allowed to close it. Just ensure you aren’t shutting yourself off from the rest of the office and alienating yourself from your team. Always be available for a conversation and make sure you’re caring about what your staff are doing. Go out for a chat with your team every now and again and check in with how they are getting on with their tasks for the day.

Make sure there is always an open line of communication between you and your employees. Ensure you state how you feel and what you want, so employees can do the same comfortably too.

Enable your employees to show their capabilities

Lean on your employees a little and get them to do tasks outside of their comfort zones. Swap their roles for a day or ask them to chip in with someone else’s work. You’re pushing them to show more of their capabilities and empowering your team members to have confidence in themselves.

Pick your team leaders

Identify employees who have the potential to be leaders and give them responsibilities over your other team members. Give them duties and tasks that your other employees haven’t had before. This will empower those who have the responsibility as they know they are doing well and inspire those who aren’t to do better in their role. You are also opening their horizons to new opportunities in management and leadership and the chance to progress can make an individual be both positive and productive.

Be their mentor as well as their boss

People always remember that teacher at school that helped and pushed them on with their education, and the same applies with managers and bosses. Make sure you’re helping your employees achieve their goals in your workplace, but also their ambitions in life and their careers for the future too. You should be training and teaching your members of staff to be successful in what you want them to be, and what they want to too.

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