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What is the Lite Solution?

February 25, 2020Small businesses

So, it’s the same, age-old story: a small business requires a landline phone, mobile phones, call recording software – all the different bits and bobs that ensure your customers receive a professional, proactive, helpful, easy-to-reach service. However, all of these services come from different companies and have different bills which go out on different days of the month; and then, one month, comes the time when one of these balls is dropped and you miss a payment. Suddenly, your customers are unable to gain the support they need at the optimal moment and your company’s reputation suffers because of it. Does this sound familiar? You need a solution which is where Unite Telecom’s Lite Solution comes to the rescue. 

The Lite Solution has been designed with the small business owner’s needs in mind. It works to remove the stress and hard work from finding out the best options on various platforms to bring everything your business (and its customers) need. This includes a handset, a call bundle that encompasses your needs, and all of the call management tools you could ever need. These features include tools such as mobile pairing, to allow landline calls to come through on your mobile so you never need to miss an important enquiry; conference calling; phone line extensions, to ensure your customers can reach exactly who they need and quickly; unified voicemail, so you can pick up your messages from anywhere; call queuing, to ensure that your customers don’t vanish and are enabled to feel valued; and, amongst many other tools, a smartphone app which enables you to manage the entire system directly from your phone, no matter where you are. 

The entire system is designed with the small business owner at the heart of things: Unite Telecoms understands the pressures and time constraints of running a small business and the Lite Solution has been created to meet those needs without added stress or worry. When it’s just you, or even you with a small team of employees, Unite Telecoms recognises the amount of time and energy it can take in setting up all of these crucial tools. The Lite App further removes the stress of this by enabling you to, effectively, take your entire phone system on the go with you: where ever you may be, you can access your system and manage it proactively; as well as being able to make

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